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Automate business pipelines, no code required

Onalu is a new kind of spreadsheet with the power to automate the human side of your business process

Onalu's automations generate applications that allow you to structure collaborations with customers, partners, and more

Get everyone in the flow with one unified platform

Automate the human side

Work management tools fail because they don't fit everyone's workflow. Onalu's automations create dynamic pages, apps, and forms and remind people to complete them, saving you aggravation and hours of tracking, follow up, and process babysitting.

An assignment form that requests that the assignee complete an estimate form to move the process forward.

Put an entire process on autopilot

Chain together multiple automations to produce a scalable, predictable process that will increase throughput and decrease stress at the same time.

A flow diagram depicting an approval workflow. The project coordinator creates an estimate, his manager approves it, then the customer accepts and signs the estimate.

Structured, automated collaboration

Structure the way your team collaborates together and with your customers. Onalu automatically engages collaborators and manages permissions according to the workflow you build.

A diagram that depicts individual data fields and describes how Onalu automatically manages collaboration privileges based on the status of the estimate.

Send the work product to the tools you already use

Manage your data from and send it onwards to the services you use to track projects, handle finances, and manage new customers

A diagram that depicts the finalized field values being sent to the appropriate services (e.g. CRM, Accounting, Project Management, document storage)
Jump start your process with templates that showcase the power and flexibility of Baton's process builder.

Approvals as a Service

A process that starts with Airtable, goes through custom approval logic with Baton, and then flows back to Airtable.

Pull data from a data source (Airtable, Notion, Google Docs, and more) into an approval process. Create custom approval logic and write the result back to the data source.

Custom Quote Process

A process that starts with a form embedded in website, goes through an internal sales quotation process before getting customer approval.

Embed a quote form on your website and assign customer quote requests to your sales team to generate a quote. Automatically send the quote to the customer and capture feedback.

Customer Feedback Triage

A process that starts with an in-product feedback image that allows users to click on it to enter feedback. The feedback is triaged before being added to GitHub issues

Embed a feedback plugin into your product to allow your customers to send you feedback. Then triage it before sending it to an issue tracker of your choice (JIRA, Github Issues, Asana, and more).


What is Onalu?

Onalu is a spreadsheet-like workflow automation tool. What’s unique about Onalu is that it offers automations that can interface with various roles in a multi-step process. This helps you reduce busywork on the human side of a process, which in our experience is the hardest part to automate.

What is the Beta Preview Program?

The Beta Preview Program gives you free, unlimited access to Onalu. It gives us the opportunity to give you the best experience by gradually adding more customers until it's ready for everyone. If you’re invited to the Beta Preview Program, we encourage you to send us feature requests or provide feedback to us often!

How much does Onalu cost?

During the Beta Preview period, Onalu will be completely free. We plan to charge for Onalu’s services over time, based on your usage of the product.

Can Onalu help me automate my _____ process?

We've love to hear about your custom process needs! Please email us with your use case and we'll get back to you within 24 hours.

What does Onalu mean?

We named Onalu (ahn-a-loo) after the Hawai’ian word ho’onalu, which means “make like the wave” or “go with the flow”. Our mission is to help your business get into the state of flow by giving you the ability to build scalable, flexible processes.

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