Zapier Integration

You can now send data to any Onalu table via Zapier! In Zapier, simply search for "Onalu" as a destination action.


Our new Zapier integration allows you to send data from the thousands of integrations that Zapier offers to Onalu. The Zapier integration uses the Onalu API to send data to any Onalu table.

How to send data to Onalu from Zapier

Log in to your Zapier account

Select the service that you would like to send data from as the Zapier trigger

In these screenshots and in the demo above, we use Google Forms, but you can choose any service. Set up the trigger by connecting the service to the account and following the other prompts in Zapier

In Zapier, setting the trigger to be a new form response from Google Forms

In the Action section, search for Onalu as the service you would like to send data to

Onalu Table API URL

  1. Go to your Onalu table and open table settings
  2. Make sure that the API is turned on
  3. Copy the Table API URL
  4. Paste it into the Zapier field called Onalu Table API URL

Data Mapping

  1. On the left side of the mapping, enter the name of the Onalu field that you wish to send data to. Capitalization and spacing matter - make sure you match the field name exactly.
  2. On the right side of the mapping, select the data from the trigger service that you wish to send data from.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each field you want to send to Onalu

Send a Test Zap

Use Zapier's Test feature to send a test record to Onalu. The test record should create a new record in your Onalu table

Get Help

If you need any help or have any feature requests for our Zapier integration, please contact us.