Form Assignment Automation

Generate a form that includes dynamic information from other fields in the table and assign that form to a person to complete.


The form assignment automation is a way to collect data from a person in your business process automatically. This automation allows you to build a form that includes data from the table that provides additional context for the assignee to make decisions and complete the form.

Configuring the Form Assignment Automation

Create a field and open automation settings

  1. Add a new field into your Onalu table by clicking the "+" button on the right side of the table
  2. Choose “Automation”
  3. Choose "Form Assignment"
  4. Click “Create Field”
  5. Go to the sidebar and click on the button labeled “Automation Settings”

Form Assignment Settings


The assignee is the person who should complete the form. You specify the assignee by selecting an email address or a teammate (Onalu account holder).

Adding an element

Drag and drop any element in the left hand element tray onto the canvas to add that element to the form.

Form elements

Form elements allow you to add text (heading or text block) onto the page.

💡Tip: You can make form elements dynamic (insert different data into each automation instance) by using references.

Reference elements

Reference elements allow you to add dynamic data into each automation instance.

Assignment items

Assignment items are inputs to the form. An assignment item is one piece of data that you wish for the assignee to complete. You must have at least one assignment item for this automation to function property.