Data Entry Forms

Data entry forms give you the ability to create a user-friendly way to add a new record into an Onalu table. When you create a data entry form, each time anyone completes the form, a new record will be added to your Onalu table.

Create a clean, on-brand form to add data to an Onalu table

Data entry forms allow you to generate a form and share it anyone you want to add data to an Onalu table.

Creating a new form

Data entry forms are part of the Onalu table. Open the table you want to create a data entry form to, then click on the "Forms" menu.

When you create a new form, it will automatically include eligible input fields. You can easily delete any field from the form by selecting it and then clicking on the "Trash" icon.

Reordering fields on the form

You can easily reorder the field by selecting one of them and drag-and-dropping it to change the order it appears on the form.

Changing the Form Title

You can change the form title by clicking on it and entering new text.

Adding a new input field

If you need to add a new input field to the form, you don't need to go back to the table to add it. You can select "Add new input field" and drag that card onto the form designer canvas where you want to add the field. Configure the field, then click "Add". This field will also appear in the Onalu table.

Adding a new text block

You can also add static form elements like headings and text blocks. These elements only appear on the form, but are useful for providing form-specific instructions.

Adding a Logo

You can add your company logo for or any other image to the top of the form by clicking on the "Add logo" button at the top of the form.

Changing the button text

You can customize the button text by selecting the button element on the designer.

Configuring the post-submission page

After a user completes a form, they will be taken to a post-submission page. You can customize the contents of that page by clicking on the post-submission card element in the designer.