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Automate Approvals

Have anyone approve anything completely automatically, now with a Zapier integration

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A video walkthrough of Onalu's Airtable approvals as a service product. The video demonstrates the lifecycle of an approval request starting in Airtable, going through Onalu's approval request automation, with the approved data being sent back to Airtable

Design an approval request experience in a few clicks

Lay out data that you want approved in a clean, on-brand approval request experience. Onalu's request designer is a simple, drag-and-drop editor that makes it easy to organize approval data for your approvers and requesters. You can add text, images, and title elements to provide context into the approval request.

Approval requests automatically include dynamic elements such as actions (approve, reject, re-assign, comment), an activity stream to track approval request history, and current status.

A screenshot of an approval request interface that illustrates how an approver and a requester would collaborate using Onalu's approval automation.

Automate everything (...everywhere, all at once)

A visual illustration of the steps Onalu's approval automation takes with the goal of getting a request approved, rejected, or withdrawn.

Set it and forget it. Onalu's approval request automation takes care of all of request management details so you don't have to babysit each request.


  • Send notification emails
  • Update the interface to reflect request state
  • Handle revision loops
  • Send approved data back to Airtable

Sit back and watch the requests flow

Get a snapshot of every request via Onalu's table. Sit back and watch the automations go by. You can step in when necessary with the ability to cancel existing approvals or re-running them with new data.

A screenshot of the Onalu table that reflects the automated approval workflow.

Add accountability and process compliance without adding stress

A screenshot of several records in Airtable in various states of approval between Approved, In Progress, Rejected, and Withdrawn.

Adding an automated workflow to your Airtable is simple with Onalu's Approval automation, and it will reduce manual emails and messages across teams.

  • Ensure data in Airtable is reviewed and accurate
  • Reduce mistakes
  • Prevent work items from falling through the cracks
  • Reduce mental overhead

Use the Airtables approval recipe to automatically generate an interactive approval request

The Airtable approval recipe is a flexible starting point that can be configured to handle multiple use cases.
Configure this recipe to approve any data in Airtable, using any approval logic or workflow required for your process.

Who is Airtable approvals for?

Airtable is the source of truth for so much information, but it's challenging to keep the data clean and organized. This recipe is for Airtable creators who wish to create custom approval workflows out of Airtable data.

Use Cases

  • Purchase Requests
  • Vacation Approvals
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Customer Estimates
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Intern Management
  • Contractor Onboarding
  • Leave Requests
Are you ready to automate Airtable approvals?
Save time, eliminate mistakes, and increase accountability
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