Put Your Sales Estimates On Autopilot

Streamline approvals, signatures, and record-keeping with Onalu’s sales estimate template. Get up and running in minutes – no code required!

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A flow diagram describing a typical sales estimate generation process starting from the creation of an estimate, proceeding to an approval step, a customer signature step, finalized by the generation of a PDF document.

The customer estimate recipe is a flexible starting point that can be configured to handle your sales pipeline needs.
Configure this recipe to generate a professional estimate form, have the estimate approved before it's sent the customer for review and acceptance. After finalization, send the approved data to systems you already use and save the signed PDF for your records.

Who is the customer estimate recipe for?

The customer estimate recipe is for businesses looking to streamline their sales estimate generation process. Avoid mistakes, ensure that new opportunities are sent estimates quickly, and automate the busywork. This recipe will get accurate, professional customer estimates to prospective customers faster.

Use Cases

  • Podcast production
  • Creator asset production
  • Customized goods production
  • Limited engagement estimates
  • Consulting estimates
  • Software development estimates
  • Landscape contracting
  • Home improvement contracting
  • Repair service estimates

Make Estimates Your Own

Get started with our template for estimates, then customize it for your business. Add structured data fields to ensure there are no mistakes when a team member fills it out for a customer.

A screenshot of a template that can be completed to create a customer estimate document

Automatically Send Estimates For Manager Approval

Have a business manager easily review and approve estimates before they get sent to the customer. Onalu automatically generates approval requests, then allows managers to make changes as needed.

Save Data For Record-Keeping Via The Tools You Already Use

After the customer accepts the estimate, you can send all the estimate details to your CRM, ERP, or accounting systems. Onalu will also automatically generate a PDF so you can save the signed estimate for accounting, audit, or other record-keeping purposes. 

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