Make Form Approvals easier than ever

Build a form with specific information you want approved, then send it through a custom approval workflow

start with this free recipe
A flow diagram describing a workflow that starts with form completion and ends with form submission approval

Use the Form Approval Recipe to build an interactive approval workflow

The form approval recipe is a flexible starting point that can be configured to handle multiple use cases.

Whether you're looking to approve vacation approvals, leave requests, purchase order data, you can easily build and deploy a form and have all of its submissions sent through an approval workflow of your choice.

Who is Form Approvals for?

If you are looking to build a form to collect specific information and you want each data field approved before adding it to a spreadsheet or database, the form approvals recipe is for you.

Use Cases

  • Purchase Requests
  • Vacation Approvals
  • Vendor Onboarding
  • Customer Estimates
  • Purchase Orders
  • Invoicing
  • Intern Management
  • Contractor Onboarding
  • Leave Requests

Design clean, on-brand forms

Build forms to collect specific information, then automatically send it to the appropriate people to have it approved before adding it to a spreadsheet or database.

A screenshot of an example Onalu input form depicting a vacation / leave request.
A screenshot of the approval request interface which displays a structured collaboration between an approver and a requester

Automatically send form submissions to the appropriate approver

Easily set up forms to be automatically sent to the appropriate approver. Approvers can collaborate and easily return requests. 

Send approved data anywhere you need it

Send all the form details to your CRM, ERP, or other systems. Onalu will also automatically generate a PDF so you can save the form for record-keeping purposes.

A graphic that displays different approved values sent to databases or spreadsheets as needed.
Get your custom form approval workflow running in minutes
Design an interactive approval workflow with Onalu's no-code process builder
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