What's new in Onalu - June 2023

This month we've launched data entry forms to add data directly into an Onalu table, a new type (Lists!), as well as a bunch of improvements to triggers and other features

"We are using Onalu to automate our artwork proof approval. Andrew and the team at Onalu have been so very helpful in assisting us with setup and tweaks to make Onalu work for our needs. They are amazingly responsive and great to work with."

- Kevin from Goodink

New Features

Additional Improvements

"Every Time" Trigger

You can now run automations every time the trigger conditions you configure are met. This allows you automatically re-run an automation whenever a reference value changes. Learn more about triggering.

Smarter smart trigger

We've renamed our automatic trigger to Smart Trigger. The smart trigger now handles different data conditions like metadata and values in a more intuitive way. Learn more about the smart trigger.

Disable email notifications in Approval automation

You can disable email notifications in the approval automation. Be careful! If you disable email notifications, you'll have to send the Approver's secret link and Requester's secret link to the appropriate parties so they can complete their assignments.

Send Secret Approver and Requester Links to Airtable

You can now send the Secret Approver Link and Secret Requester Link to Airtable via the Update Airtable Record automation.