What is Onalu?

Onalu is a new kind of spreadsheet with automations built in. 

What’s Onalu for?

How often do you find yourself needing to update a work tracker (a spreadsheet or project management tool) to inform your team that you did your part? How often do you find that maintaining the work tracker feels like as much work as performing the work? We set out to solve this problem by enabling you to design a tracker that fills itself out and automates everything possible. This streamlines the work for you, your team, your customers and partners, all in one place.


Built-in Automations

In addition to standard input fields, Onalu has a special class of fields called automations. Automations have the power to generate external effects to the spreadsheet. It’s like running a program within the spreadsheet.

Part Database, Part Spreadsheet

Onalu combines the familiarity and simplicity of spreadsheets with the power and structure of databases. Onalu’s tables look and feel like a spreadsheet, but are more structured like a relational database. Fields in Onalu are more like fields of a database, and the data in the cells below those fields are determined by how the field is configured.

Structured Collaboration Automation

We have a special class of automation fields that can create applications that help two people collaborate in a structured manner. We believe that business process automation will always have people making judgment calls, and our collaboration automations allow for that.

Product Demo

Here’s a quick video of how Onalu can help you: <link to product walkthrough>