Design automated workflows as easily as building a spreadsheet

Create a bespoke workflow that automates the busywork and enables decision-makers to focus on what's most important

build a flow
A flow chart that illustrates three steps in a workflow, from TPS report submission to manager approval to integration with a Notion database

Get your business in the flow with Onalu's powerful and easy-to-learn workflow builder

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No code required

Design a workflow just like you're building a spreadsheet by adding new fields.

An icon with a robot symbolizing automation contained within a gear.

Save time with powerful automation fields

Onalu's automation fields free up your team from repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

An icon of a cloud with a lightning bolt inside it symbolizing immediate deployment

Iterate and optimize with instant deployment

Just like cloud spreadsheets, Onalu's tables are instantly deployed. Experiment and optimize your process over time to help your business get into the flow.

An icon of a book symbolizing a recipe cookbook

Jump start your process with recipes

Recipes are ready-made workflows that help you get started with common use cases quickly. You can make small modifications to fit your needs quickly.

What will you automate with Onalu?
Design and deploy automated business solutions in minutes, saving your team hours