Save time and eliminate aggravation

Onalu's automations have the power to get responses from people via forms, applications, and interfaces and the power to send or receive data from services so that you can build worry-free, scalable solutions.

Functions with superpowers

Onalu’s automations aren’t just regular spreadsheet functions. They can automate entire multi-step tasks, driving to a specific business objective such as getting an approval from a manager.

Automate collaborations like never before

Collaboration automations like Approval have the power to generate an application to manage the approval process, so you don’t have to follow up with your manager, customer, or partner to get an approval. Onalu's Approval automation serves coordinates between the approver, requester via an application so you don't have babysit. Learn more about the Approval Automation

Automate custom business processes, your way

Chain together multiple automations to build entire solutions that can run on autopilot.

Learn more about Onalu's unique (and growing) list of automations



Create an approval request application and manage the request between Approver(s) and Requester to an approved, rejected, or withdrawn conclusion.


Call API

Use HTTP methods POST, PUT, PATCH, GET, or DELETE to send structured data to a destination URL. Optionally match an API reponse to capture data.


Form Assignment

Generate a form from a template and send it to an assignee. Automatically send reminders until the form is completed by the assignee.


Send Email

Send data to an email address using a configurable layout.



Send data to Airtable. Update an existing record or add a new record with data you specify.



Send data to a Notion page or database.

What will you automate with Onalu?
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