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create a collab
A screenshot of Onalu's Collab product. It depicts an application that you can can customize to collect information and finalize decisions collaboratively.

Join teams and companies that have saved hours of coordination

Data quality over quantity

The most important data is the data that everyone agrees upon

Signal agreement with sign-off

Eliminate back-and-forth coordination: sign-offs enable collaborators to signal that they agree with individual inputs. If another collaborator changes the value of the input, it automatically clears their sign-off.

An image of an input field in a Collab application that has already been signed off. If a collaborator changes the value, it automatically clears sign offs from other collaborators.

Increase accountability with structured collaboration and permissions

Control who has access to each form input using element-level permissions. Create custom roles to allow multiple layers of collaboration across larger teams.

A snapshot of permissions that can be controlled at the input level for a collab application.

Share Collabs without requiring sign-in

Collaborate with anyone without requiring customers, partners, or external stakeholders to create another account to use your Collab. Guests can be assigned roles just like teammates.

Use Cases

Use Collabs whenever you need to structure data collection or agreement.


Get multiple people to agree on key decisions or information before moving forward

Document Collection

Collect documents or information from one or more collaborators


Negotiate the terms of an agreement


Collect documents or information from a person or company as part of an onboarding process

Client Approval

Get sign off or approval on each value from one or more client(s)


Request information to ensure someone is in compliance with your policy


We've saved hours of coordination
We are using Onalu to automate our artwork proof approval. Andrew and the team at Onalu have been so very helpful in assisting us with setup and tweaks to make Onalu work for our needs. They are amazingly responsive and great to work with.

Streamline people processes by getting everyone on the same page

Build a custom form application and start collaborating in minutes

create a collab
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